“Never make your home in a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You'll find what you need to furnish it - memory, friends you can trust, love of learning, and other such things. That way it will go with you wherever you journey.” -- Tad Williams

A home is where we head back to after a long day at work or a trip and it should be a place where you can have peace of mind. It does not matter whether you live in an apartment, a small house or a bungalow, you will want your house to be as homey as it can. Take a look at these simple changes which can help you achieve it.

1. Make your house your home

Fill your house with pictures of those close to you, flowers and sentimental objects. The positive vibe around your house will rub off on you and make it a cozy home to go come back to. Personalize the space to fit your taste and you will definitely feel the warmth.

2. Prepare your meals

Planning your meals and preparing lunch for the next day can save money as well as promote healthy eating. Less greasy pizza and more amazing meals = feeling great! You can have that home cooked meal everyday.

3. Let the daylight in

If you are in your house a lot through the day it is important to let in the light. Sunlight boosts the mood, kick-starts vitamin D synthesis and illuminates the room. Open up the windows to let some fresh air circulate in making you get that relaxing feel while lounging around in your casual clothes.

4. Unplug

Technology is great, but don’t let it get in the way of spending time with your loved ones. Nothing beats personal interaction – so put your phone down. Try to avoid yourself from constantly checking your social media accounts and emails when you are at home.

What are the simple changes you make to enjoy your time in your own home? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.”  ― Simon Sinek

Everyone needs to work to earn a living and buy the things they want in life. Unfortunately as much as you love your career, there are always when you just feel overwhelmed and stress. Therefore, for those who want to have some control over their job and still have happiness can take a look at the ways below.

1. Don’t beat yourself up

When things don’t go as planned, don’t focus on the negative part of it. Learn from mistakes and move on. Do not dwell on it and take note of what you can do to improve yourself. Beating yourself up will only make you stress and motivation level worst. Tuck in your shirt and stand strong!

2. Celebrate Success

A win is a win. When things go well, congratulate yourself and your team by celebrating it with those around you. This is a reward for you and the team after all the hard work. It will also boost your happiness and confidence level at work.

3. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Everybody is human – having some humility will help to stop you fretting over the little things and endear yourself to others. Do not let yourself be too serious at work and take some time to smile to others around you.

4. Prioritize Tasks

It is easy to stay busy with urgent tasks that need your attention. However, prioritize and make sure you get the important things done first followed by the least. Write it down on your notebook so you can easily keep track from there and cross it off your list once done. Learn to say ‘NO’ to impossible requests when you have too many things on your plate.

How do you manage your mental health at work? Share it in the comment section below.

“Stories you read when you’re the right age never quite leave you. You may forget who wrote them or what the story was called. Sometimes you’ll forget precisely what happened, but if a story touches you it will stay with you, haunting the places in your mind that you rarely ever visit.”  ― Neil Gaiman, M Is for Magic

It cannot be denied that it is difficult to feel happy everyday as are too busy with hectic schedules, commitments and exhaustion. There are times where we feel that we need to make change in the way we live and take charge. Well, achieving happiness can be easy with these simple changes in the way you set your mind. Take a look below.

1. Smile

Smiling has been shown to reduce stress as well as portraying yourself to others as someone who is open and friendly to be around– so get smiling!

2. Practice Mindfulness
The ancient Buddhist practice based on paying attention to the present in a non-judgmental way is still as relevant today as ever before. Take time to live in the moment and feel that sense of relief.

3. Read more

Reading can improve your vocabulary and open your mind. Whether you enjoy fiction or non- fiction, reading should definitely become a habit. You can obtain information fast and always in the loop. Take some time in a day to read and decompress.

4. Unwind

Don’t feel guilty about crashing in front of the TV or mindlessly browsing the internet sometimes – everybody needs to unwind and be lazy sometimes.

5. Take control
Believe in your ability and make things happen for yourself. Don’t be passive and let life happen to you – take control! You will definitely feel a positive difference every time you wake up in the morning.

6. Get inspired

Find people that inspire you in all walks of life. Learn from them and let them inspire you grow and be happy. Look up to successful individuals who started their success through hardships and make them your role model to follow in life.

What other ways do you apply to feel happier in life? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.