We love taking pictures with friends and family—but if there’s one thing we don’t love? Getting caught looking terrible in a million photos. It’s enough to make you wonder exactly how all those models manage to be so damn photogenic. Even if you love the way you look in person, it takes practice to make sure your in-the-flesh beauty translates on camera. The good news? Learning how to be photogenic is a skill you can totally master. Here are a few of our favorite tips that will help you bring out your inner supermodel and how to be photogenic:

1. If you tend to blink in photos, close your eyes just before the picture is taken and open them slowly before the camera clicks. No more half-closed eyes!

2. To avoid a double chin, elongate your neck and push your face forward a bit. Think of sticking out your forehead and tipping your chin slightly down. It might feel awkward, but it will look great — promise.

3. Make sure your makeup is a perfect match, says mark Celebrity Makeup Artist Fiona Stiles, who’s prepped everyone from Halle Berry to Jessica Chastain and Elizabeth Banks for the red carpet. “When a foundation is too pale for your skin tone, it becomes very obvious when a flash hits the skin.” She advises, “Match your skin to your chest and add a thin layer to your neck if your neck is paler (as is the case for most people).”

4. Curled lashes and mascara are musts, Stiles insists (she swears by mark Scanda-Lash Mascara). “Both open up your eyes, and the eyes are the focal point of a picture. You want to draw people into a picture, so you want to maximize the impact of the eyes. They more open they are, the more the light hits them and that’s what makes them twinkle!”

5. Take a look at your favorite pictures of yourself and try to spot a pattern. Do you like the way you look from a certain angle? When you smile a specific way? Try to replicate your best poses next time you have your photo taken.

6. Try this old school red carpet trick: Put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to avoid a goofy, too-wide grin.

7. Fill in your brows. Not only do your eyebrows convey character and emotion, they often mean all the difference between looking wide awake and washed out on camera. You may even consider using a slightly darker brow pencil if you know you’ll be photographed, since features tend to look lighter in pictures.

8. Make sure your hair is shiny. “Spray-on shine is great for a last minute add-on shine,” says hair stylist Serge Normant, who’s worked with Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker throughout his years in the biz. He recommends misting hair with his Serge Normant Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray ($24, shopsergenormant.com) for maximum gloss.

9. A photo can highlight flyaways, so make sure your style is sleek. “A good pomade or dry oil will help, but use lightly,” Normant advises. “If you are afraid to use too much, spray on your hands and then lightly try to control fizz.”

10. Look toward a light right before someone snaps your photo. Doing so will shrink your pupils and help you avoid red eye.

11. Surprise photo op? Try this five-second prep: Blot your face with a tissue or single-ply cocktail napkin, then pinch your cheeks to create a rosy glow (yep, it’s old school, but it works).

12. A couple drops of Visine will help your eyes look brighter and more awake.

13. Blush is a must! Without some color on your cheeks, your face can look two dimensional in photos. Use a medium pink shade on the apples of your cheeks to help shape your face.

14. Think about angles. Facing the camera straight on is rarely flattering; instead, turn your head to a three-quarter position to give your features depth.

15. Try the “red carpet” pose: put your hand on your hip, angle your body to the side and turn your head towards the camera. It’s a cliché, but it really does work to help you look slimmer.

16. Avoid serious sparkle on your face. “Anything too shimmery on the skin can just be too much in a photo,” Stiles says. “A soft glow is nice, but if you have oily skin it can really exaggerate shimmer and make you look very shiny. If you are a shimmer addict and just can’t help yourself, keep the face matte or semi-matte (a velvety finish). Add a little highlighter to just the tips of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose with a powder highlighter that has a very soft sheen.”

17. On the other hand, a bit of sparkle below the neck can give your skin a pretty sheen. Dust your collarbone and shoulders with a shimmering powder such as Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder in Moonlight ($52, chanel.com), which has the perfect finish for playing up assets.

18. Stand in front of a white wall. A light-colored backdrop will help brighten your face. Using a white background also helps a camera’s automatic settings find the right color balance, so your skin tone doesn’t end up looking too pink or yellow.

19. Wear bright lipstick. “Dark lipstick can have a minimizing effect on lips,” says Stiles. “Steer clear of a dark matte lip color. It can look aging and unflattering. Stick with brighter colors.”

20. Be in more pictures! People who think they’re unphotogenic tend to pose for fewer photos overall, but photography is a game of averages. Even Kate Moss doesn’t nail it on the first frame. The more shots you let your photographer take, the more likely you’ll be happy with one or two of them.

21. A photo shot from just above you is way more flattering than one shot from below. If you’re taller than the person holding the camera, grab a seat.

22. Avoid standing directly under a light, which can cast weird shadows on your face. Instead, stand facing a natural light source, such as a window, or in a spot where soft light hits your face from the side.

23. Grab a prop — preferably not a red Solo cup. Holding onto an object such as a flower or decoration can help you relax your posture and add personality to a picture.

24. To make your eyes sparkle, look at a light source. A lamp or brightly lit Christmas tree will create a flattering gleam in your pupils.

25. Forget saying “cheese,” and instead think of something funny. Better yet, joke with the photographer. A natural smile trumps a fake one every time.

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Ramadhan | Today, I want to share with you all about online shopping platform that is very well known, namely Lazada. With discount up to 92%, Lazada is the online platform to shop this Raya! Sekarang Lazada tengah mengadakan Jualan Mega Raya. Sempena jualan besar-besaran itu,  Lazada kindly organize one simple contest for all bloggers and 10 lucky bloggers will win one of the following prizes:

1 X Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera Bundle (5 winners)
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There are two steps that you guys have to follow:

1. You have to guess how much the Fujifilm at this link:
1. Awak kena teka berapa banyak kotak Fujifilm di link ini : 
Answers should be sent in the body of the email along with a link blog. Hint: From 1-200
Jawapan awak perlu hantar dalam email berserta link blog. Hint : Dari 1 - 200

2. Write 1 entry blogpost about what items you want to buy for your family to celebrate the feast - 4 items only with a budget of RM500. Attach picture of the product and the product link.
2. Tulis 1 entry blogpost tentang apa barang yang awak nak beli untuk family awak sempena hari raya  - 4 barang sahaja dengan budget RM500 . Sertakan bersama gambar produk dan link produk.

This is my wishlist for my family.
Based on the above image, I will explain one by one to whom and why I choose such items.

Title & To : Shoulder Bag for My Beloved Mom
Reasons : First, I wanna my mom look so elegant in Hari Raya this year. Second, I think this is my mom wish for have this Shoulder Bag but my mom can't buy it. Huhuhu. 

Kelihatan mama sedang membelek-belek beg kegemaran dia. Macam macam pilihan dia. Warna hitam, putih, kelabu semua dia ambil. Keinginan seorang ibu untuk memiliki beg seperti itu tidak tercapai kerana memikirkan anak-anak . Barang keperluan banyak lagi hendak dibeli. Kemudia along dengan secara tak sengaja lalu sebelah mama,

"Along, cantikla beg ni, mama nak boleh?"
"Okey mama, usha je la dulu, nanti along ada duit, along belikan satu untuk mama tau."
"Bila entah tu"
"Adalah , suatu hari nanti, InshaAllah ma"

Title & To : Wallet with Leather Key Chain for my lovely Daddy
Reasons : I rarely choose things for men. I think this may be useful for my father to fill money, identity cards and credit cards.

Cuaca di luar sangat panas, sudah masuk musim panas agaknya. Jam di handphone sudah menunjukkan jam 12.30 hari. Aduh, mana tak nya panas, sudah tengahari rupanya. Hari ini hari ahad, Hari cuti dan hari minggu bersama family. Aku seorang ayah yang mempunyai seorang isteri dan 7 orang anak. Keluarga kami sangat bahagia.

"Abah... abah.. bangun!" Suara Biela memanggil abah dari bawah rumah. Biela anak yang bongsu di dalam keluarga ini. Sangat comel dan peramah orangnya.

Abahnya turun tangga dengan memakai baju tidur sambil mengosok mata menandakan baru bangun tidur. Biela menunjukkan gambar dompet Frozen di dalam buku kepada ayahnya. "Cantikkan abah, Biela nak boleh?"
"Boleh sayang, nanti abah belikan ye"
"Terima kasih abah. Sayang abah"

Title & To : Premium Leather Backpack Bag for My Sisters
Reasons : My sister does not like handbags, they prefer backpacks. This is the right choice for them. Backpacks at the Hari Raya? Not a problem! The black color is very simple and interesting.

"Wei, cepat la! Aku dah lambat ni!" Marah Amirah kepada Mila.

Amirah. Seorang yang sangat menepati masa. Berbeza dengan kawan karib dia ni, Mila. Mila sangat bersahaja dan santai. Lambat ke kelas pun lambat la. Paling kurang pun, dapat ceramah free je dari lecturer. Mila bangun dengan segera sambil memegang buku di tangan berlari-lari anak ke arah Amirah.
"Wei, tunggu laa."

Setiba di dalam kelas, Amirah mengambil seat dihadapan sekali. Di ikuti Mila duduk disebelahnya. Mila melabuhkan punggungnya di sebelah Amirah dengan pantas. Terlalu penat untuk berjalan laju daripada biasa kerana Mila seorang yang kecil molek berbanding dengan Amirah yang tinggi lampai. Senang sahajala bagi Amirah untuk berjalan laju. Satu langkah Amirah, tiga langkah aku. Mengeluh Mila sendirian. Di saat Mila tengah usha usha kiri kanan, dia ternampak seorang pelajar sedang mengalas sebuah beg berwarna hitam. 

"Weiiii Miraaaa!!!" Jerit Mila sekuat hati memanggil nama kawan dia tu. Amirah dengan terkejutnya menjawab "Apahal terjerit-jerit ni? Gila ke?" Amirah tidak suka dikacau saat dia sedang menelaah.

"Tengok tu, lawa gila beg tu doh. Aku nak. Fav aku dohhh. Tengokkk aahh" Mila menarik lengan Amirah dan bawa Amirah ke tepi tingkap untuk usha beg tu. Lelaki gerangan beg tersebut. Putih putih dan tinggi lampai. Memang cita rasa Mila.

"Kau usha beg tu ke .... lelaki yang galas beg tu hah?"
"Aku dah agak dah kau ni. banyak songeh. Dah la, aku nak p belajar. Jangan kacau aku!

Marah Amirah dengan gurauan Mila tu. Dia sudah tahu dengan kawan dia sorang tu.. alang-alang usha beg, dia akan usha orang nya sekali. Silap hari bulan, dia akan stalk semua benda pasal lelaki tu. Sabar je la Mira dengan perangai Mila.

Title & To : Extreme Pro 32GB Memory Card for My Brother
Reasons : My brother likes to spend time taking pictures. So this is a very good choice so that he could take a picture with more on Hari Raya. 

"Okey, 1 2 3 .. Senyumm"

Kamal memberi arahan kepada para graduan untuk senyum di depan kamera. Dia ditugaskan sebagai jurugambar di sebuah universiti untuk mengambil gambar para graduan yang konvo pada hari tersebut. 

Waktu Rehat

"Makan jom" Ajak Syam. 
"Jom! Aku pun dah lapar dah ni. Lepak mana?"
"Tempat biasa je la, dalam kampus je, tak yah jauh-jauh. Karang lambat kita nak balik bertugas"
"Okey okey. Jom" 

Syam. Seorang yang peramah dan hitam manis. Syam merupakan pelajar jurusan akaun. Sama semester dengan Kamal. Sem 5. Last sem. Mereka merupakan kawan baik sejak sekolah menengah. Walaupun berbeza kos dengan Kamal, jurusan photography, mereka tetap berkawan. 

Waktu Bertugas

Memory out of space. "Alamak! SD Card dah penuh" Mengelabah Kamal buat sementara waktu. Pelanggan masih ramai di luar sana menunggu giliran untuk shooting. Keadaan sangat kelam kabut bagi Kamal kerana ini adalah tugas dia yang pertama dan tak sangka SD Card boleh penuh, Dia tidak mempunyai SD Card lebih. 

"Hah, kenapa ni Kamal?" Tanya Puan Yani kepada Kamal. Lecturer Photography yang bertugas disana.
"Errr, puan.. SD Card saya dah penuh." Jelas Kamal. "Tapi saya tak ada SD Card lebih."
"Oh, sebab itu, sebentar saya ambil di beg"

Puan Yani kembali dengan memegang SD Card berwarna hitam merah. Jenama San Disk berangkali.
'Nah. Pakai saya punya dulu." Puan Yani memberi SD Card dia kepada Kamal."Lain kali kena sediakan lebih. in case kalau mcm ni, tak adalah kelam kabut sangat." Bebel Puan Yani. "Baiklah Puan. Maafkan saya" Kamal bersyukur kerana Puan Yani membantu dia menyelesaikan masalah tersebut. "Okey. mula bertugas cepat."

Total all of these items are: RM62.10 + RM109.00 + RM50.40 + RM31.85 = RM254.35
Wow. All items less than RM300. But I can make my family happy :)

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5. Kemudian hantarkan maklumat penyertaan ke contest@lazada.com.my bersama maklumat berikut denagan subject email "Riang Ria Raya Blogger Contest" : 

1. How many boxes Fujifilm

2. Link your blog

Then wait until Lazada announce the winner on 30 june 2016. Quickly join, this contest ends on June 24 at 3pm :)

Thanks for read my sincerely entry.

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