Modern Minimalism for Your House | Part 2

Lets continue our journey (la sangat) . View Modern Minimalism for Your House | Part 1 .

2 | Architect: Lenz Architects

This minimalist space plays with texture wonderfully. I love the stone washed walls against all the white.

This light yellow wood fireplace brings a surprising element to the space that I adore. The way the wood pops agains the starkness of the rest of this minimalist space adds some great dimension to the living room.

These floor to ceiling windows are real showstoppers that can let tons of beautiful light flood this space. But I love how the curtains are sheer yet dark gray to let some of that light filter in even when you need some added privacy.

Sudut yang selesa ini adalah tempat yang sesuai untuk menyedapkan dengan segelas wain dan majalah yang baik. The minimalist chez lounge is a luxurious piece, and I love how they’ve made it more inviting with that bright colored throw blanket.

Clean lines and stark white cabinets make this kitchen a defining minimalist space.

Try not to get distracted with those views while cooking! This open kitchen-living space flows beautifully with those floor to ceiling windows, and I love how that design is reflected in the back kitchen cabinets.

Rumah ini mempunyai pemandangan yang hebat dari setiap sudut. From that stunning fireplace to the sweeping city skyline.

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Source : home-designing

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