Modern minimalism for your house | Part 1

1 | Architect: Emil Dervish

Modern minimalism is loosely defined by paired down design elements, clean lines, and open spaces. But that doesn't mean each space has to be black and white, in fact I've gathered four very different spaces that celebrate modern minimalism with their own unique twist. From white open spaces to pops of color and eclectic art, these spaces are going to inspire and open your mind to how modern minimalism can be both inviting and functional in everyday life.

The light that pours into this space is extraordinary, and it’s only enhanced by the big white walls and floors. The bold furnishings, like the giant low and dark couch, really stand out because of the big airy space created here.

I love the light and dark contrast in this space, as well as the contrast of big the contrast of the thin black lines in the chair and lights with the big bold pieces like the couch and the black accent wall.

Ruang ini sebenarnya bukan semua yang besar, tetapi susun atur pintar dan gaya minimalis memaksimumkan ruang visual dan fizikal.

I love how the white walls and floors collide making you feel like you’re inside a big white cloud in the sky looking over that view.

I love how the desk chair mimics the curved lines of the lounge chair in the living room, as well as this concrete accent wall. It’s minimal, cool, and adds just a bit of texture to this very sleek space.

This minimalist kitchen will let your food take center stage atop that giant white island with cascading stone sides.

These glossy kitchen cabinets tucked inside the island are the perfect addition to this modern minimalist space. Saya juga suka bagaimana dari sini pandangan anda akan terus ke ruang tamu terbuka.

Memisahkan ruang dengan jubin putih dan hitam adalah cara yang indah untuk menambah dimensi untuk pangsapuri. Selain itu, apabila anda berjalan di ia seperti baru muncul dari kegelapan kepada cahaya yang terang ruang ini.

I love this chic minimalist lamp here that can be tilted both right over the bed, or up against the wall to reflect the light.

Alright, that all I want to share for this topic. Korang boleh applykan kat rumah korang yang mana minat sangat dengan minimalism ni. Minimalism ni like simple but nice. Yeah! Tak serabut sangat decoration rumah tu. Untuk jiwa yang muda like me, komform-komform suka design yang ala ala minimalism ni kan ? :) So , lets start decoration your new house  with minimalism theme kay :)

source : home-designing

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