How You Carry Your Bag Tells Your Personality

by : Zety Hasnan 

Girls, how you carry your bag? | If we can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes, you can tell just as much about a woman by her bag. A great bag does not only ties to fashion but our personality! Think about how you carry your favourite bag on daily basis—do you typically sling your bag on the shoulder the same way, no matter what? According to body language experts, it's not a totally random decision. Believe it or not, the way you carry your bag can reveal your personality to others. Let's check out which style are you.

Cross-body = The hippy | You are a traveller at heart and love to be independent. Convenience is your priority ! You embrace risk and have a free spirit. Nothing is off-limits for you! At the same time, you know how to protect yourself and things that are important to you. This is the most difficult way for bag-snatching.

On the Shoulder = The Multitasker | If you prefer carrying shoulder bags, then you are one busy lady. You do not believe in exhibiting your elegance but in being pragmatic – function is more important than fashion for multi-taskers like you! You are practical and driven by utilitarian motives kind of person. This style says that you are prioritizing your freedom of movement over the display elements.

In the Crook of the Arm = The Lady/Fashionista | You are cool and composed (or want to appear so!). It may not be the most comfortable of positions, but carrying your bag in the crook of your arm requires a certain level of polish. Bags worn like this often indicate a priority on status and position. You're basically de-functioning one of your arms in order to carry a bag like this if your bag is heavy! You are a lady and have an amazing taste in fashion. You gotta impress guys and make other ladies jealous! This manner of carrying best shows off the brand specifics of the bag you're carrying, signalling your status to "those in the know" who can properly identify it. So, while your grandparents might not know Rossum's bag is Dior, fashion lovers do.

In your hand = The achiever | You are a true workaholic! You are confident of your worth and conscious of your achievements. Your personal style is a way for you to express your social and professional upward mobility. You have a taste for quality products and you tend to go for the finer things in life, both for their brand value as well as their true worth- being at ease is what you seek.

In your Palm = The Princess | All eyes will be right on you. You are attached to the finer things in life and are used to attention. You prefer carrying expensive tiny clutches in your palm and are fashionably sorted! Parties and VIP events are totally your thing. You’re a princess, aren’t you?

Under the arm = The observer | Many older women hold their bags this way. You don’t open up very easily, and prefer to stay safe and careful. You don’t like attracting attention to yourself and prefer to observe rather than be observed. Trust is something you build over time and therefore you believe in keeping your bag, with all your prized possessions, close to your body.

Backpacks =The cool kid | You believe in fuss-free fashion; time of essence for you. You are blessed with great decision-making qualities and you're always ready and available for spontaneous plans. You love to travel and are always on the go. You also like to make a cool style statement with a punch of quirk.

Going bag-less = Self-assured | Not carrying a bag indicates a level of status where others handle the every-day issues such as money and schedules. This personality is the most self-assured of the group, relying on staff so that she can simply be. Look at some of the celebrities, Miley Cyrus and the Kardashian, they have so much going on that they don't even need a bag.You love yourselves more than anything.

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