Beautiful Selfie Techniques While on Vacation

While on vacation one thing that cannot be left out is, selfie especially when you have no one to take the photos of you. To get a beautiful picture when selfie, there are a few things to do.
Instead of using make-up, there are other things that need attention. What are they?

 1.  Lighting

The first thing to note is the light. If make-up on your face is pretty, but the lighting is not nice, it does not give you the perfect shot.  According to Vlogger, Jordan Liberty, light is a free beauty product. The best light is sunlight but when in place of no sunlight, do your selfies using camera apps that provide flash feature.

2.  Angle

One celebrity who often does selfies is Kim Kardashian. In order to look beautiful and attractive in your selfie shot, Kim has a great way of observing the angle. When selfie, make sure your chin is low and the camera a little bit higher. Those who do it that way can get great selfie results.

3. Get plenty of Selfies

Besides Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner also has tips to get the best selfie shot. According to her, take many selfies even up to hundreds of photos. "I do a lot selfie to get one of the best," says Kylie. Try changing various angles to get the best results.

4. Strange Face

You can mimic the style of duck face or any face being favored. Vlogger, Jordan Liberty also said closing both eyes before selfie. "When selfie, your expression will look more refreshed after closing your eyes,".

Do you have any selfies trick to get a fantastic shot? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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