9 Selfie Every Girl Needs To Know | #NoFilter

Skip the Lo Fi! These sneaky hacks let your real beauty shine through in every single selfie.

1. Go hands-free for frizz-free strands.

Hands off those gorge locks--fingers create friction, causing frizz! After applying a smoothing cream to wet hair, use a diffuser to gently scrunch curls as you blow-dry.

2. Use BB cream for flawless, even skin—no filter needed.

Score max coverage without the cakey feeling! A BB cream is lightweight, blurs imperfections, and keeps skin hydrated!

3. Use a copper-coral bronzer for the perfect glow.

The right shimmer adds mega radiance! Pick a copper bronzer with pops of coral (it brings out the warmth in your skin) and sweep it on the tops of cheekbones.

4. Skip the shampoo to get shiny, bouncy hair with zero split ends.

Dry hair can break sooo easily! Instead of shampoo, use a cleansing conditioner twice a week to lock in moisture and make ends soft.

5. Sleep in rollers for #WokeUpLikeThis waves.
Get your morning hair game on point! Before bed, wrap damp hair around silk rollers. (They're gentle on strands!) Then when you wake up, you can pull them out for instantly perf swirls.

6. Don't be afraid to use a bright shade for a pretty flush.

Don't be afraid of bright blush--it won't look so "whoa" on your skin! Swirl on the apples of your cheeks, and then sweep powder foundation on top. It diffuses the color so your flush looks natural!

7. Clip your ends to get loose curls.

As your tight ringlets dry, they shrink! For longer-looking waves, clamp metal clips onto damp ends. Let hair air-dry and remove clips for stretched-out curls.

8. Use a serum to ends before straightening for silky hair.

Straight hair may look hot, but all that heat wrecks your locks! Apply a serum on ends before flat-ironing to infuse shine and prevent heat damage!

9. Use bright liner to make your eyes pop.

Highlight dark eyes with a metallic shimmer. A sweep of champagne shadow across your lids is pretty, while the jewel-tone liner adds just enough fierceness.

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