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Personal statistics
Name                       Shinichi Izumi
Other Names, etc.  Shin
Japanese                  泉 新一
Rōmaji                     Izumi Shin'ichi
Gender                     Male
Age                         16 (Early)
                               17 (In the middle)
                               18 (At the end)
Status                      Alive
Relatives, etc.           Kazuyuki Izumi (Father)
                               Nobuko Izumi (Mother - Deceased)
                               Satomi Murano (Girlfriend) 
                               Unnamed Uncle
Species                    Human (Partially Parasite)

Shinichi Izumi (泉 新一, lit. Izumi Shin'ichi) is the main protagonist of the Kiseijuu series. A high-school student, whose hand was infected with a parasite, he named Migi.


In the manga, Shinichi is an average height guy with a small build, short black hair and black eyes. In the anime, his hair and eyes are brown, and starts off wearing large square-rimmed glasses.
Shinichi uniform comparison
Shinichi's uniform comparison
He usually wears his school-uniform, consisting of a white shirt and a blue blazer, while in the manga he wears a Gakuran, an all-black, old-style japanese school uniform, with a white shirt underneath. He also tends to wear T-shirts with strangely appropriate words written on them. For example, when he first meets Migi, he has a T-shirt that says "Misery Confusion". This repeats throughout the manga.
After Chapter 12 of the manga, or Episode 5 of the anime, Izumi is left with a scar on the center of his chest and back. He becomes more muscular, and in the anime he removes his glasses, since he no longer needs them. After Chapter 17 of the manga, or Episode 7 of the anime, Shinichi begins spiking his fringe upwards. He claims to like the new look because it "looks more balanced" - symbolizing that he is no longer merely a human, and also referring to his newfound calmness and mental fortitude.

After a confrontation with Gotou, he gains a new smaller scar over his right eye.

After the one-year timeskip, he reverts back to his original hairstyle.

Shinichi is a thoughtful and nice person who is considered a bit of a wimp. But that changes after the incident in which his mother was killed and taken over by a parasite, resulting in his drastic change in both his mentality and physiology.

As the series progresses, Shinichi becomes somewhat distant and unsympathetic, but also gains resilience. His bond with Migi becomes stronger and he occasionally begins to think like a parasite, as how he described the dead dog's body as 'a lump of dog-shaped meat'. He also loses the ability to empathize with others and even losing his ability to cry. This was shown when he came into his father's room at the hospital, unable to speak as his grieve was too powerful and deep, but he could shed no tears. However, he also gains significant resolve and resilience, and is willing to risk his own life to protect his friends, family, and the public from harm. However due to recent events to the death of Reiko Tamura's death he currently has reverted back into an emotional state, accepting his mother's demise and showing emotion once more.

A young Shinichi comes home from school one afternoon, and asks his mother for an aluminum plate for use in an assignment. Though she tells him to wait for her to get it for him, he tries to reach the high shelf where the plates are stored himself, falling in the process. When he falls he hits the stove, causing a pot of boiling oil to spill over, his mother quickly grabs the pot, saving Shinichi from harm, but getting badly burned in the process. Shinichi often is filled with guilt whenever he catches a glimpse of the burn mark on his mother's forearm.

Years later, Shinichi is seen looking at his results of his high school entrance exams. He is soon approached by a young Satomi, and after a brief misunderstanding, they learn they will be attending the same school. They express their excitement, looking forward to meeting again in April.

The story starts with Shinichi sleeping with his ear buds on. A parasite then enters his room and attempts to take over his brain. As it tries to crawl up his arm, he takes the ear bud cord and ties it around his arm to stop it from advancing. It then suddenly disappears.  

When Shinichi encounters the parasite again he is horrified to find out that it has eaten his right arm and replaced it. Over time they become companions, necessary for the others survival. He asks the the parasite what his name should be and it replies "Migi", as in right hand. 

Shinichi is incredibly weak as the story takes off, letting Migi do all the fighting. He continues to stay like this until his mother is killed by a parasite. It eventually finds Shinichi's home and then supposedly kills him, stabbing him through the heart. Migi then attempts to save Shinichi's life giving him incredible strength, physically and mentally. 

Afterwards Shinichi also begins to harbor great hatred towards parasites and declares to wipe them all out. He begins fighting along Migi which increases their strength ten fold.  

Powers & Abilities
Before his "death" and "rebirth", Shinichi is an ordinary human teenager who mostly relies on Migi to fight the parasites.

After being saved by Migi from dying, Shinichi developed his own powers, because of having 30% of Migi's body disperse throughout his body. Shinichi can hear, see, and sense better than normal humans. His physical abilities greatly exceed those of normal humans.

  • Enhanced Strength: His strength has grown to where he can easily shatter bones if he used enough force. Another testament to his strength is being able to smash through a person ribcage and throw them through a concrete wall, all while ripping out said persons heart, with one arm.
  • Enhanced Leap: Due to his newfound physical strength, Shinichi can jump at a height over 20 ft.
  • Enhanced Speed & Stamina: Shinichi has shown to be able run faster than a car driving down a road. He stated that he could easily run 100 meters under nine seconds if he really tried. He is able to run and fight for long periods of time and only needs minimal time to recover.
  • Enhanced Durability & Endurance: Shinichi is able to withstand injuries that would affect a normal human. He is shown to jump from the school building at a high height while carrying Satomi and land with little consequence, barely flinch from the attacks of a grief stricken Mitsuo, was still able to run despite getting multiple cuts from Gotuo in their first fight, and even withstood the pain of getting stabbed in the left arm by Uragami and retaliate afterward in the series finale. His most epic moment of durability and endurance was shown as he got punched in the stomach by fully transformed Gotou that flung him several feet in the air and onto a pile of trash, and survived.
  • Enhanced Vision & Perception: In the anime Shinichi originally needed glasses, though after merging with Migi, he no longer needed them. He's stated himself that he can easily see a persons face from 300 meters away. His brain is able to process visual stimulation to the point where a normal human appears to be standing still, when they're actually attacking him.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Shinichi has demonstrated incredible dodging skills and agility, most notably when he becomes scared, he uses said skills to create distance between him and his opponent(s).
  • Mental Fortitude: After merging with Migi, Shinichi gains a high level of mental resilience as he walked through a hallway tainted with decapitated bodies of students with little discomfort.
At a cost for his newfound abilities, Shinichi's empty expressions and lack of emotions began to make people suspicious of his composure in events that would cause a normal person to break down in fear. After the death of Reiko Tamura, this weakness is no longer a problem.

At the end of the series when confronted by Uragami, Shinichi states that he isn't as strong as when he faced Gotou. It's unknown if he was referring to his actual physical abilities becoming diminished, or the fact that Migi had become dormant, and could no longer assist him. Though it most likely the latter, as Shinichi stated that he isn't a normal human and that Uragami appears to be standing still, right before breaking his jaw with one hit.

  • Shinichi's design for the anime bears similarity to Peter Parker from Spider Man.
  • In the anime, Shinichi starts off with large square-rimmed glasses, but later discards them.

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Blog Beautiful of Iman
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Boyband merupakan ahli kumpulan muzik yang terdiri oleh beberapa ahli kumpulan. Setiap boyband mempunyai latar belakang dan genre muzik yang berbeza. korang semua layan tak boyband? Boyband mana yang jadi pilihan korang ?

1. The Beatles
Band ini selalu diiktiraf sebagai band terbaik,berpengaruh dan paling popular. Walaupun kemunculan band ini sudah tiada tetapi karya mereka masih melekat hingga sekarang. The beatles pernah memecahkan rekod “ number one hits’ dalam billboard hot 100 sebanyak 20 kali.
2. Bee Gees
Band yang terdiri oleh 3 saudara iaitu Barry, Robby dan Maurice Gibb. Terkenal dengan suara harmoni dalam setiap karya mereka. Rekod penjualan album mereka mencapai angka lebih dari 220 juta. Bee Gees termasuk dalam artis berkumpulan yang laris sepanjang masa.
3. Backstreet Boys
The backstreet boys atau dikenali dengan nama BSB sangat popular sekitar tahun 90 an dan mempunyai jutaan peminat dari seluruh pelosok dunia. Antara lagu mereka yang popular islah “ show me the meaning of being lonely”, “as long as you love me “ dan “larger than life”.

4. Westlife
Band ini mennjadi kebanggaan bangsa Irlandia. Westlife diiktiraf  sebagai band terbaik dan laris sepanjang masa dan berjaya mencipta nama di seluruh dunia. Malah, lagu mereka juga masih lagi kedengaran di corong-corong radio.
5. Blue
Mula dikenali pd tahun 2000 dan kumpulan ini pernah mengambil keputusan untuk berpecah. Pada tahun 2011, mereka memutuskan untuk bersatu dan berkarya kembali sehingga sekarang. Album terbaru mereka akan dikeluarkan pada 13 januari 2016 akan datang.

BoyBand pilihan opi ialah Westlife and Blue . Lagu diaorg semua opi layan, bila dengar semula lagu Blue - All Rise and Westlife - Uptown Girl, memang mengusik kenangan kecik kecik dulu :)

Oleh Izzat Ismail

Nampaknya satu lagi simbol kebanggaan bakal menjadi buah mulut terutama bagi masyarakat di China. Jika sebelum ini jambatan kaca Grand Canyon di Arizona, Amerika Syarikat mencatatkan kedudukan pertama di dunia dengan sepanjang 219 meter, kini negara China sudah mampu berbangga apabila turut mempunyai jambatan yang tersendiri.

Menurut sumber, China telah berjaya berjaya mengatasi rekod berkenaan dengan terbinanya jambatan kaca pada ketinggian 375 meter dari atas tanah. Bukan itu saja, jambatan kaca ini merupakan terpanjang dan tertinggi dimana mencecah sejauh 430 meter.

Rekaan jambatan yang unik ini telah mendapat sentuhan seorang arkitek dari Israel iaitu Haim Dotan dan nilai pembinaan jambatan ini ‘menelan’ kos RM16 juta. Jadi kepada yang ingin menguji ketahanan gayat mereka bolehlah berkunjung ke jambatan disini kerana ianya akan dibuka pada bulan Mei tahun 2016. 

Nak update entry , tapi malas. so , saje nak update entry pendek-pendek and sikit sikit je.
sebab , mood tak baikkk punya harini , tapi otak blur :D

Harini dapat makan banyak and buat kerjanya sikit je -.-

Malam sambung buat kerja sebab ada hantu tolong ;D 

k.night buddy 

Attack On Titan, 2015.
Directed by Shinji Higuchi
Starring Haruma Miura, Kiko Mizuhara, Kanata Hongo, Satomi Ishihara, Nanami Sakuraba, Takahiro Miura, Hiroki Hasegawa, Ayame Misaki, Pierre Taki, Jun Kunimura.

Attack on Titan

Since the appearance of man-eating giants known as Titans more than 100 years ago, humanity has enclosed itself within the confines of three concentric walls, and a ban on all innovation is strictly enforced. When the Outer Wall is destroyed by a Titan larger than any ever seen before, the farmlands within (as well as countless lives) are lost to the mindless and indestructible Titans. Eren, a survivor of the attack, enlists in the army regiment tasked with re-claiming the fallen wall. Within him may lie humanity’s last hope for survival.

Based on the hugely successful animated series of the same title, Attack on Titan presents a new take on the story of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa. In fact, it is so new, that the story is hardly recognisable. Key elements remain, such as the first names of the central characters, the symbols of the army regiments, the omni-directional maneuver gear, and the existence of Titans and the Walls–but everything else, and I mean literally everything, is completely scrapped in favour of an entirely new story.

Part 1 follows the core trio as their lives are forever changed on the day their town is invaded by the giant human-eating monsters they once thought to be pure myth. Eren (Haruma Miura) and Armin (Kanata Hongo) join the army to avenge their town and the lands humanity forfeited when they retreated inside the Middle Wall. Their regiment is sent on a mission to plug the hole left in the Outer Wall and reclaim the farmlands. In the ensuing battles, it becomes clear that Eren hides a dangerous secret, one that could either be humanity’s salvation, or their destruction.


In Part 2: End of the World, Eren faces the mistrust of his comrades and tries to persuade them that his power can be harnessed to lead humanity to safety forever. A considerable chunk of the film is spent trying to piece together a coherent new story, culminating in the revelation of the Titans’ true nature, and a great battle for the reclamation of Eren’s hometown. The story turns into a conventional dystopia at one point, but it’s all but forgotten as we approach the end.
There is also a short post-credit sequence which may or may not be an implication of a sequel. I, for one, certainly hope they leave it alone. Three hours of this is agony enough.
There are many reasons a film adaptation will, and sometimes may have to, be different from its serialised counterpart. Shortage of time, for one, as well as feasibility of replicating difficult visuals which a manga or anime would have more freedom over, make viable and understandable reasons. Yet the VFX on Attack on Titan are nearly flawless, aided in part by the shift to a more modern setting that makes use of abandoned buildings and rubble easier to replicate than the classical, more European architecture seen in the anime. So that’s out. And the first half, Part 1, presented as a stand-alone film in many cinemas UK-wide, feels overly long in setting up an entirely new, pointlessly changed story. The two films together last about three hundred hours. So brevity is also out.
Yet someone, somewhere in a Japanese studio, thought this was a good idea, and then a lot of money was spent on creating this new vision, which not only adds nothing to what should have been a politically-charged, intrigue-filled story, but it simplifies and then overcomplicates it to a baffling degree, leaving behind a hot mess which cannot be explained.
While the Attack on Titan series is special because the stereotypes often found in Japanese animation are ingeniously subverted, the films take the exact opposite approach and reduce each of the main characters to one or two classic anime tropes. You’ve got the Shouty Main Character, the Aloof And Badass Female Character who is also a Love Interest to the main guy, the Supportive Sidekick, the Token Rival, the Flashy Prodigy who’s Too Cool For School. Been there, seen that—and no one gets to grow, change, or learn much from the events that transpire. They begin and end as one-dimensional caricatures, shadows of characters who might’ve at one point had personalities and flaws that made them real and likeable, that made the viewer care about whether they lived or died.
It’s interesting to see the modern-day twist on the setting; it actually works well, changing little of what was essential to the plot, and bringing the action forward to something we could see happening in the real world. Yet it becomes the background for some pretty OTT cliché moments, dripping with stereotypical Japanese sentimentalism and hilariously bad acting, the effect of which had an entire audience in a packed out screen laughing uproariously despite the apparent drama.
An extra layer of disappointment is found in the performance of Haruma Miura, whose Eren is a bumbling, screaming mess of twitchy facial expressions and flailing limbs. Miura’s acting chops have been proven time and again in numerous TV dramas and films, notably in his breakout role as the delinquent Hiro in the drama-romance Koizora, or as hacker prodigy Fujimaru Takagi in cyber-terror thriller Bloody Monday; it’s not like he can’t do this. He is repeatedly upstaged by the hilarious Satomi Ishihara as Hange, who is conspicuously the only character to be lifted straight out of the source material as the excitable and research-obsessed lieutenant of Eren’s squad.
But I digress. For the non-fans and those looking for a verdict, here’s the gist of it: the two films, which last over 3 hours put together, offer plenty of OTT Japanese fantasy-action, featuring giants fighting other giants set to hardcore heavy metal music, with a strong dose of conventional scifi/dystopia, occasional sentimental overtones, and cliché moments which will definitely serve to amuse. Best-watched if you’re not seriously looking for a good film, or better yet, with a group of friends and a good drinking game.
…which is really depressing, because the story upon which these films are based is actually, genuinely good. Watch the series if the concept sounds appealing to you. It’s no accident that it’s one of the most popular shows in recent years.

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Parasyte: Part 1 (2014) || Part 2 (2015)
"Kiseijuu" (original title)
For those who missed the first Parasyte movie out earlier this year.. it was AWESOME!! 

The humanity is suffering from murders all over the globe, called "Mincemeat murders". High school student, Izumi Shinichi has a parasite living off him, having replaced his right hand, and he might be the discoverer of truth.

Parasyte Part 1:
One night by the seaside, tiny creatures or “Parasytes” arrive on Earth to take over human bodies and prey on mankind.
One Parasyte latches onto a regular high schooler, Shinichi, but he prevents it from taking over his mind and body completely. Instead, the Parasyte isolates only on his right arm.
Shinichi cannot reveal his terrible secret to those around him, and during this time of turmoil, he developed a friendship with the Parasyte creature which he calls “Migi” (“Righty”). Before long, they begin to encounter other Parasytes that launch savage attacks against them and put the life of his childhood friend, Satomi, in danger.
Things take a sudden turn for the worse. Shinichi’s beloved mother is killed and taken over by a Parasyte. When the creature launches an attack on him, he has no choice but to kill her.
It becomes a head-on war between two species- Parasytes and mankind. However among the Parasytes, various factions with different viewpoints develop. Shinichi’s new teacher, Ryoko Tamiya, although infected with a Parasyte, tolerates Shinichi. On the other hand, the character Goto, a composite “person” made up of a number of cooperating Parasytes is bent on human destruction. Collectively the Parasytes begin to question themselves on the purpose of their existence.

Parasyte Part 2:
The Parasytes are bent on human destruction. The parasyte baby is born. The parasytes have evolved into formidably scary forms and can attack in ways mere bullets can’t stop. What if, instead of devouring and dominating humanity, some of the parasites wanted coexistence?
The planet needs to be preserved yet it is in our nature to protect our loved ones. Amidst this conflict of values, Shinichi and Migi have no choice but to hurl themselves into the fight against the complex attack of the Parasytes. Who will emerge the winner?


Migi is adorable
Oddly, Migi, the Parasyte that attaches itself to Shinichi’s arm, is perhaps the most likeable character of the movie. His naivete and innocence transcends his non-human form and makes him the surrogate child of the movie, while his alien side gives him bizarre enough reactions and thought processes to indicate that he’s far more dangerous than he seems.
Also, his character design is just so huggable.

Sadao Abe gives character to Migi
It’s hard enough to be a voice actor for a human character, let alone an mutable alien creature. Yet Sadao Abe provides a straightforward, matter-of-fact delivery of Migi’s lines which sometimes hides emotional subtext under ostensible pragmatism. This adds to Migi’s cuteness, and also makes him an interesting character to explore in his own right.

Great action and effects
There’s plenty of violent action in the movie (hence the NC-16 rating) to satisfy fans of anime-style battles. While the CGI may not be top-notch, it’s stylistic approach melds well with the storytelling style, making it a believable and integral part of the movie. The level of violence also increases as the movie progresses, so the slightly awkward, cartoony effects of the first few scenes give way into a fearsome manifestation of alien possession.

Fast paced story
The story is paced well and new revelations or beats always present themselves at the right points. The pacing gives us enough time to process the new information from the previous scene, but not so much time that we get bored and start to drift off. Given that this is an adaptation, not a story written from whole cloth, this shows impressive usage and understanding of the film medium.
Migi (Sadao Abe) annoys Shinichi (Shota Sometani)
LetdownsWhat I like! 

Too many climaxes
The problem comes with the last one third of Act Three, where the climaxes come in quick succession. Prior storylines are wrapped up one after another neatly – perhaps a little too neatly. It feels too convenient that everyone decides its time to resolve whatever conflict they have with Shinichi – did some internal Parasyte alarm clock start ringing?

Too many cliffhangers
Right after the climaxes, the cliffhangers begin. Barely hinted at characters, mysterious circumstances, and powerful new threats appear in neat little packages before the movie closes. Also this is a very orderly, structured way to go about it, it doesn’t match the approach and pacing of the rest of the movie.
A Parayste
Sooooo , dont forget to watch this movie okeyy !!! it was AWESOME!! 


JOHOR BAHRU – Anakanda keempat Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim ibni almarhum Sultan Iskandar, iaitu Tunku Laksamana Johor, Tunku Abdul Jalil telah disahkan mangkat, petang Sabtu.

Almarhum yang dilahirkan pada 5 Julai 1990 merupakan putera keempat Sultan Ibrahim dan Permaisuri Johor, Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah.

Untuk pengetahuan anda, Tunku Jalil telah menghidap penyakit kanser hati peringkat 4 sejak beberapa bulan yang lepas.

Berita kemangkatan Tunku Abdul Jalil turut disahkan ibu saudara baginda, Tengku Puan Pahang, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah binti Almarhum Sultan Iskandar menerusi laman sosialnya.

Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rojiun….. semoga Allah SWT cucuri rahmat ke atas roh anak saudara saya Jalil yang baru mangkat kembali ke Rahmatullah…  Al-fatihah….,” tulisnya.

Menurut sumber daripada istana, jenazah Almarhum akan dibawa balik ke Istana Besar Johor di sini dan akan disemadikan dimakam DiRaja, Jalan Mahmodiah, pada Ahad selepas solat Zohor.