Tag Question by Siti Syilah

Tag Question by Siti Syilah
1. Do you like anime? If so, what your fav anime?
Yes. First anime opi suka, Naruto. dari zaman kecik lagi Opi didedahkan dengan anime Naruto sbb family Opi semua layan Naruto :D Lepas tu opi mula minat One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach dan lain-lain 

2. Which place would you like to go?
Korea and Japan

3. List 5 fav of your movies/anime/cartoon.
1. How to Train Your Dragon 1/2
2. Parasyte movie n anime version
3. The Last / Boruto Naruto The Movie 
4. Hotel Transylvania 1/2
5. Minions

4. What you want to do in your life?
Happy ending :D

5. Which blogger you like most? Link their url here :)
1. Syamsid (http://syamsiddhuha.blogspot.my/)
2. _numigx (http://itsnumigx.blogspot.my/)
3. Farah Ain (http://franntsh.blogspot.my/)
5. Ninja (http://ukhti-ninja.blogspot.my/)

Tq Syila sebab sudi tag opi :)

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Syilah pun minat Naruto. Terima kasih sudi menjawab :)