Opi kena tag oleh Ash-ken!

 Opi ditag oleh Blogger yang comel ni :)
Thanks sbb tag opi Ash-ken :)
Let's get start it !!
10question by Ash-ken

 What are you wearing?
Pyjamas . Mak ai , dah petang masih pakai baju tidur. well, bukan nak kemana punn , duduk rumah je pun :P

 How old are you?
2something :D

 Favorite quotes?
"Go marry someone you know , marry someone you have seen his disappointment and anger, and you know you can handle ithem. Go marry someone you truly love."-Matluthfi2015

 Favorite song?
Semua lagu BigBang

 Favorite piece of jewelry?
Tak suka pakai jewelry :D

 What instruments do you play?
Main piano kat handphone je mampu, tu pun asyik kalah je. hahaa

 The book you're currently reading?
Buku ? Lama tak baca buku, last baca buku matluthfi, "Catatan Matluthfi"

 Someone you miss?
Friends . Family dokat dokat jaa, asyik berjumpa ja, pusing muka sikit dah nampak :D

 The realationship between you and the person you last texted?
Client but also my sister because she older than me 

 Who should answer these questions next?
I want to end this question at here :D 

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