Charismatic Communicator: Self-test

It is actually not so difficult to check whether you, at this point in time, are already a Charismatic Person or otherwise. Jusk yourself the following questions and make sure that your answers are genuine and sincere:

i) Which one would you do first when you meet a new friend?
a. You introduce yourself first and tell him your background.
b. You ask his/her name and background.

ii) If you are asked to find a partner and exchange your high school experiences with him/her in 2 minutes, which one of the following categories would you be:
a. You’ll do most of the talking and storytelling.
b. You’d love to listen to his/her stories and ask him/her questions so you can know more about him/her.

iii) Which one do you prefer more?
a. Receiving presents and smile.
b. Giving presents and see the smile on his/her face.

iv) Which of the following statement below do you agree to more?
a. Sorry and thank you are precious words that cannot be easily uttered to anyone anytime.
b. Sorry and thank you are the best words to be said at all times.

v) If you had to work in a team, which method would you take to complete the task at hand?
a. Do it alone and then present to them
b. Discuss, collect inputs from your team members and do it together with them.

If your answers are mostly (b), great, you already possess the qualities of a Charismatic Person. Polish up and you will certainly be an Influential Communicator and Public Speaker.

Charismatic Communicator: How To Develop

Rasulullah s.a.w is undeniably the Most Charismatic Person the world has ever witnessed. His companions used to describe him as someone who never failed to acknowledge and appreciate each and every one of his audience who attended his talks. In fact, he sometimes extends his view to see those sitting behind poles to pay them respect and acknowledgement.

To be a Charismatic Person, we should develop the three attitudes Imentioned earlier. If you observe every Charismatic Person, you will surely find the three attitudes embedded in them. Start developing the three attitudes from now.

Some suggestions you can follow to develop your Charisma:

1. In a conversation with anyone, reduce using I, me, my and mine. Instead, use as many you, your, they, them, we and our as possible. For instance:
- What is your name? (instead of my name is…)
- How are you? (instead of I am not feeling well..)
- How was your trip? (instead of I had a very great travelling experience..)
- Has your dad recovered? (instead of my dad is now in hospital..)

2. Find at least one person to help every day. The more you give, the more you will get. What goes around comes around. If you treat your friend to lunch today, someone else will invite you for fine dining tomorrow. Even if no one does that to you, at the very least, you would have gained respect from people.

3. Say thank you out loud. I’m sorry and thank you. These two phrases are powerful tools that could flip people’s feelings and emotions from negative to positive. In addition, the effect of these two phrases would surely multiply if they are uttered out loud.

Faridzul Nasaruddin
Professional Trainer & Leadership Coach
Certified Professional Image Consultant
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Assalamualaikum semua , hai , kita kembali semula dengan entry yg bertajuk BeeTalk best ke ?

Kita pun baru je install BeeTalk tu semalam , tapi dah selongkar dan buat research semua , hah, semangat betul sampai nak buat research bagai kan ? haha , well you know me kalau dah tak de benda nak buat , research la benda yg patut ;) Ramai kawan bertanya , "BeeTalk ni macam mana ye Sorfiena ?" "Best ke ?" "Apa je ?" "Haram jadah aku tak faham nate ni" "Apa benda whisper whisper bagai ni?" "Aku tak reti la moment dia ni" "Voice moment weii, gempak" hahaha, dan macam macam lagi. Dia tanya kita macam kita ni je yg buat BeeTalk tu -.- sabar je la . Baca dengan lebih lanjut mengenai sedikit tentang BeeTalk kayy , kalau ada salah silap sila tegur dan komen di ruangan komen :) 

We’ve looked at Feifei from China and Candidly from India before. Now meet BeeTalk from Thailand.

Thailand first, then Singapore and Malaysia. 
The company is aware how Line app dominates the Thai market. But the team believes that being based in Thailand helps it respond much faster to what the market wants. 

BeeTalk will focus on Thailand, but it’s also going after users in Singapore and Malaysia (and so the app supports English and Chinese, as well as Thai). Although those markets are smaller, the company claims it has already seen a positive response there. It has also seen some traction in Laos. In the future, BeeTalk also looks to expand to Vietnam and Indonesia.

BeeTalk’s stickers are designed by local artists. The company is not looking to partner with brands yet, which is something we’ve seen Line and KakaoTalk do with their own virtual stickers.

Ini BeeTalk punya apa nak cakap eh , hmmm, yg ada kat BeeTalk la kiranya :D

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