BeeTalk best ke ?

Assalamualaikum semua , hai , kita kembali semula dengan entry yg bertajuk BeeTalk best ke ?

Kita pun baru je install BeeTalk tu semalam , tapi dah selongkar dan buat research semua , hah, semangat betul sampai nak buat research bagai kan ? haha , well you know me kalau dah tak de benda nak buat , research la benda yg patut ;) Ramai kawan bertanya , "BeeTalk ni macam mana ye Sorfiena ?" "Best ke ?" "Apa je ?" "Haram jadah aku tak faham nate ni" "Apa benda whisper whisper bagai ni?" "Aku tak reti la moment dia ni" "Voice moment weii, gempak" hahaha, dan macam macam lagi. Dia tanya kita macam kita ni je yg buat BeeTalk tu -.- sabar je la . Baca dengan lebih lanjut mengenai sedikit tentang BeeTalk kayy , kalau ada salah silap sila tegur dan komen di ruangan komen :) 

We’ve looked at Feifei from China and Candidly from India before. Now meet BeeTalk from Thailand.

Thailand first, then Singapore and Malaysia. 
The company is aware how Line app dominates the Thai market. But the team believes that being based in Thailand helps it respond much faster to what the market wants. 

BeeTalk will focus on Thailand, but it’s also going after users in Singapore and Malaysia (and so the app supports English and Chinese, as well as Thai). Although those markets are smaller, the company claims it has already seen a positive response there. It has also seen some traction in Laos. In the future, BeeTalk also looks to expand to Vietnam and Indonesia.

BeeTalk’s stickers are designed by local artists. The company is not looking to partner with brands yet, which is something we’ve seen Line and KakaoTalk do with their own virtual stickers.

Ini BeeTalk punya apa nak cakap eh , hmmm, yg ada kat BeeTalk la kiranya :D

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Nurhafzhan The Rauf said...

Wow baru tau...

maisara majid said...

ape laa semua sibuk beetalk nie.. ape beza ngan wechat ape semua tuuu


beza dia tak ketara sangat :) wechat ada Live Chat , Group Chat QR Code , Chat History Backup , Video Call , Moments , Voice Chat , Web WeChat , Emoticons , Group Chat , Shake , Look Around , Drift Bottle ,Facebook Connect . BeeTalk pon ada , tapi BeeTalk ada voice moment, wechat tak ada , ada org suka update moment guna voice mereka.

Saya hanya berkongsi apa yg orang selalu bicara .

Ayie Raintown said...

Tp sy buat voice moment langsung xde dgr voice...sakit hati je

Ayie Raintown said...

Sy dh buat voice tp xkluar langsung suara sakit hati je

Azean Fazli said...

Macam mana nak padam account nie yew?

mohamad haidir said...

Apa yg penting .. Aplikasi ni hnya sesuai untuk budak2 batak je

Anonymous said...

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