Tips For Dressing Well For Fat Women

Choose clothes that accentuate the positive aspects of your voluptuous body while camouflaging the things you dont like to dress well when overweight. Clothes that are too big for your body look frumpy and disheveled, and clothes that are too small for your body make you look bigger than you are. Heres how to find the perfect clothing for your body.

1.Start with a well-fitting bra. Think of undergarments as a foundation to dressing well. Choose bras with wider straps so they dont cut into your shoulders and full cup coverage so your bra will move with your body.

2.Find the right pants that fit your waist, hips and thighs properly without cutting off your circulation or being so baggy that you cant even tell where your waist, hips and thighs are. Visit [See Additional Resources] to find premium denim jeans made specifically for curvaceous women.

3.Get the shirt fit right. Make sure buttons dont strain or pull and the length of the shirt hits at just below the hips. Buttons that pull means the shirt is too small and a shirt that hits at the or below the hips gives the illusion of an elongated, smaller torso.

4.Choose a structured jacket made from heavy cotton, denim, corduroy or wool that is wider at the top, fitted at the waist, flare a bit at the bottom and end just below the hem have a slimming effect. Choose a jacket with details such as darting or seams on the waist. Detailing will make the waist look narrower.

5.Pay attention to the cut of your pants. You want to balance your body through clothing to dress well when overweight. So, when choosing pants, go for a classic or wide-leg cut for trousers and a straight- or boot-leg cut for jeans.

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