Posing Techniques in Photography

Photography is a conglomeration of several things--camera, equipment, lighting, subject, and, if using a person, posing. You can learn different posing techniques when shooting portraits, action, or headshots in several ways.

# Trial and Error --:
One of the best posing techniques is simple trial and error. By using a digital camera, you can take as many photographs as you need to to learn what works and what doesnt when photographing people. Since photo subjects often look to their photographer for positions and poses, it is important to be able to see in your photos what works best.

# Study Other Photographers --:
Study the work of other photographers. Find out who does it best when it comes to what you want to do. If you want to take family portraits, you need to study the various poses for a family of three, four, or more family members. Look at the works of family portrait photographers and professional wedding photographers who take the family photos that can contain up to 30 or more people in one large photograph. By looking at what others do, you will get a basic idea that you can add to and adapt into your own style.

# Learn About Composition --:
By knowing about photography and the intricacies of what makes up a great photo, you will be able to better understand what poses are best for what types of photos. Understanding the effects of lighting, background and shutter speed will help you decide what you need to do in order to achieve the look you seek.

# Tips and Techniques --:
The idea to posing and positioning your subject is to give her a look for what you intend to get out of the photo. What do you want your viewers to see? Never allow subjects to just stand there: instead, have them lean against a car or sit on a bench. Give the subject something to do and you can find many poses from that single action.

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