Mineral Makeup Tips And Tricks

Mineral makeup is good for your skin and can be quite fun to apply. Most first time users think its difficult and messy. Nothing can be further from the truth. Once you learn easy mineral makeup tips, it should take you no more than five minutes to apply your mineral makeup with fantastic results.

1. Let it dry :-
Give yourself a minute to allow your moisturizer to dry before applying your mineral powder.

2. Swirl, tap, buff to beautiful coverage :-
1. Swirl :-Tap some of the powder in the jar lid and swirl your brush into the minerals. Go around the lid three times with the Buki brush to pick up the product on the brush.
2. Tap :-Tap your Buki brush two times to release excess powder.
3. Buff :- Brush onto your face using a light buffing effect. Start with a thin layer and add layers as needed. Remember to brush in a downward direction on the sides of the face to avoid fluffing up the small hairs on the cheeks.

3. Use the right tools of the trade :-
As with most things, using the right tools can make a world of difference in your end result. When applying mineral makeup, its worth investing in a good buki brush. A buki brush is a soft dome shaped brush that is especially effective at applying mineral powder and buffing the product onto the skin. It is designed specifically to apply the product evenly around the nose, mouth and eyes.

4. Find your perfect match :-
1. Mineral powders are by nature light-reflecting. Expect to use a shade or two darker than your liquid foundation.
2. If your foundation looks powdery after youve applied it, wait five or ten minutes and check again. The minerals meld with the oils of the skin and look natural in a short time. If they continue to look powdery your shade is too light–consider switching to the next darker shade.

5. Less is More :-
Mineral powders are extremely concentrated. This product is designed to be applied in layers. Start with one light layer and see if the coverage is what you want, if not apply additional layers till you reach the glow that simply cant be duplicated by other types of makeup.

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