A makeup guide for people with oily skin

Foundation can actually prevent oily-looking skin. In addition to hiding skin imperfections such as scars, freckles and acne, it can also give you an even tone while concealing the flaws.

- Choose a foundation that suits your skin type. Remember, dont compromise your own result just because someone else looks good in a particular brand of foundation.

- A full-coverage matte foundation is best for oily skin since it will last longer than those with light or medium coverage.

- Foundations for oily skin should be applied using a makeup sponge. Using your fingers transfers more oil to the face.

- To avoid patches, apply a thin layer of foundation only. People with oily skin will experience a “caking” finish if a thick layer was applied.

- For a more natural look, the best foundation for oily skin is always a shade lighter than your skin tone, because the skins oil will make the foundation darker, as I have mentioned earlier.

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