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Using a specific theme in a fashion photography project opens up an unlimited range of creative possibilities. This depends specifically on the scope of creativity inside the photographer's mind. The depth of expression is further enhanced by a specific theme conceived by the one staring through the camera. A carefully chosen theme can evoke emotion, produce intense visual texture and inspire with colors that refresh the eye and lift the human spirit. A fashion photo session needs an interesting theme to draw the eye into the subject to effectively sell an idea, design, and a potential new style. Since many themes may be created inside the individual photographer's mind, reviewing all of the differences would be next to impossible. Three themes, often seen between the pages of magazines and in popular advertising, have been chosen as examples to help clarify their importance in a fashion photography project.

Theme 1 - Motion
Since the early 1900's and the invention of the automobile and the airplane, fashion and media has had a love affair with acceleration and movement. Motion themed advertisements have been a popular staple since the early days of marketing and continue their popularity even today. Capturing the human form in motion, whether alone or in combination with a vehicle is an effective theme with many possibilities. Letting your subject move freely as random actions or positions are captured can exhibit dramatic results. It also allows you to frame a moment in time creating an interesting texture through partially blurred imagery, multiple focus, and unpredictable tones. Choosing this theme will demand a detailed understanding and command of the camera, speeds and control. If thought through carefully, a Motion themed shoot could be the best way to show a photographer's skill and creativity.

Theme 2 - Music
Music and Fashion have always affected one another. Since the birth of television, the styles and clothing choices of popular musicians have set trends and made history. It is difficult to see which art form influences each other most. Guitars and other instruments have often been used to enhance fashion photography to amplify the attraction of a generation. For example, using a nightclub backdrop can prove to have endless possibilities. Posing models playing guitars, working turntables, or simply wearing headphones while moving smoothly to music can be incredibly effective. With the right models and the most current imagery and props, this theme can help the finished product shimmer.

Theme 3 - Nature
The final theme example, Nature, can expose the photographer to a wide spectrum of color, light and texture. Depending on the location or choice of backdrop, the model can interact with rock, earth and vegetation which exhibit multiple levels of texture. Use of wind, water and light can also be used to express the powers of weather and temperature against the subject. Since this theme is based on pure beauty, a large investment of creativity could produce some of your most memorable photographs.

With some experimentation and creative ingenuity, a good fashion photographer can turn any good theme into a memorable piece of art.

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