Beauty Tips For Eyebrows

Getting a couple of gorgeous eyebrows is one of the most functional makeup tricks on the planet. The eyebrows make a significant impression. These eyebrows outline the eye and give the face a graceful look. It is well worth making the endeavor to get the eyebrows looking right.

Natural eyebrows :-
1. Comb through your eyebrows with a brush to flick away any powder or foundation.
2. Comb the hairs upward and outwards giving you a wide-eyed look.
3. Then slightly slick them with clear gel to hold the shape in place.

Spotty Or Sparse Brows :-
1. Use an angled eye shadow brush to squash a bit of eye shade to the brow
2. Follow the direction of the eyebrow and enlarge the brushed-on shadow to the rim of the eye.

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Image courtesy by : All Women Stalk.

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