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With a blog for just about everyone in a range of categories from technical to pop culture to political, fashion photographers are not left out. However, with shooting schedules, freelance work, education, and much more getting in the way, taking the time to research them all can be an insurmountable task.

To that end, we have gathered together 50 fabulous fashion photography blogs. With entries from professionals, publications, fashionistas, and more, you are sure to find something to help your career.

1. The Sartorialist : This fashion photography blog has been a leader for years. Scott Schuman used to be a high end fashion buyer until photography caught his interest. Now he fills his blog with random entries of fashionable and not so fashionable New Yorkers, along with his commentary. One of “TIME” magazine’s top 100 design influences, be sure to stop here often.

2. Face Hunter : Yvan Rodic is a man out and about in London and beyond with loads of fashion photography eye candy for the style hungry. An excellent choice for a fashion photography blog that takes an interest in personal style rather than following trends. Be sure to check out the show of the same name for more.

3. Fashion Photography Blog : Melissa graduated from Art Center College of Design in January 1987 and blogs exclusively for fashion photographers. Resources include tutorials, a form, SOTW, and more. A recent entry was on the difference between shooting for advertising as opposed to an editorial.

4. The Selby : Todd Selby is a portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer and illustrator. His blog offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail. You can choose to view fashion photos from cities such as New York, London, and others, or even by designer.

5. The Cherry Blossom Girl : Alix is a young French designer who combines both fashion and art photography on her blog. Both her items and others she takes an interest in are featured. With entries in both French and English, the blog is worth a look for reading about fashion in a bilingual manner.

6. JAK & JIL : If you are a lover of fashion with a special interest in shoes, stop here. Fashion photographer Tommy Ton is from Toronto and takes images of the latest and most inventive in footwear. There are also other fashion photos for the viewing.

7. Photobook : Kelly Stuart takes you through the world of fashion photography in this blog for “Elle.” Posts often focus on a particular aspect of fashion, along with her commentary. There are also many other fashion blogs to read up on.

8. It Was a Dirty Dream Come True : The “F-ed UP Crew” is a collective of young fashion professionals in the middle of it all. There are many interviews, profiles, and images of fashion to sift through. If you can tolerate the language and techno music, it is worth a visit.

9. Fashion Toast : Rumi Neely is both a fashion model and designer who has dabbled in photography. Her blog features what she is wearing, along with other items that interest her. And of course, photographs are plentiful.

10. Walid Azami : Walid is a fashion photographer from Anaheim who had the opportunity to shoot Madonna very early in his career. His blog is about what he does and where he wants to go. A recent entry had advice for new models.

11. The Week in Style : If you desire to see your work on the cover of “GQ” someday, check out this fashion blog. It features both the best and worst in style each and every week. There is also tons of other help with fashion and more.

12. On The Runway : Visit here for “The New York Times’” blog on all things fashion. Cathy Horyn, fashion critic, takes you to the front row of fashion shows, behind the scenes at ateliers and houses around the world, and inside the minds of designers. Popular tags on the blog include Paris and New York fashion week, as well as Karl Lagerfeld and others.

13. Fashion Picture Galleries : Get fashion photography, style images, and fashion pictures from the high street and catwalks. UK based paper “The Telegraph” brings you the latest from the London runways and designers. Recent entries take a look at the fashion of the Grammys, Emma Watson, and Lady Gaga.

14. Fashionising : A leading fashion blog, they have a special section for photography. Simply click on a photo from the homepage to view it full sized and the gallery it came from. You can also see the latest pictures from the catwalk and beyond.

15. Photos & Portfolios : A leading publication for decades, “Vanity Fair” also has a special section for fashion photography. In addition to photographs on style, you can also view them for science, retrospective, news, and more. There are also many celebrity portfolios for the viewing including Robert Pattinson and Shakira.

16. Style File : Style.com keeps you up to date on the latest in fashion with loads of photography here. It is full of fashion trends, designer profiles, and even shopping updates. Fashion photographers will enjoy the Virtual Front Row section.

17. Look of the Day : Get a new fashion photograph each day by stopping here. InStyle.com features loads of images from celebrities in their massive database. Each entry contains what was worn, where it was worn, and why they love it.

18. Teen Ugly : A lesser known blog from the California/ Oregon region, there is loads to view. Editor TSW blogs for Chictopia on a number of fashion items. Be sure to check out the favorite photos and designers on the blog.

19. All The Rage : Four bloggers from “The L.A. Times” muse on the culture of keeping up appearances. They recently reviewed Grammy fashion to many reader comments. The site also has more on fashion.

20. Photos : Want your fashion photography to appear in “People” magazine? Then check out the photo blog to see which pictures make the cut. Popular albums include Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and many others.

21. Behind the Lens : Vogue TV’s Behind the Lens offers an unprecedented glimpse into the world of entertainment and fashion, taking viewers backstage, on set and in the studio, where the rarely-seen creative process unfolds. You can also get an inside look on the actors, directors, models, photographers and designers. There are also other related channels for lovers of fashion.

22. Fashion Show Videos : You no longer have to work for “Cosmo” to get inside access to fashion shows. Their library contains loads of videos on style, celebs, and more. Fashion photographers will enjoy the behind the scenes looks at various cover shoots.

23. Daily Dose of Style : A variety of contributors post videos on fashion and related aspects. Recent episodes are on New Year, New You and the 12 Days of “Giftmas.”

24. 7 Photography Questions : These podcasts feature interviews with top photographers to help out the listener’s own work. Be sure not to miss episode 11 with an expert fashion photographer. The blog also has more tips.

25. The Imaging Buffet : Founded by photographer and digital consultant Andrew Darlow, The Imaging Buffet is an online magazine and podcast with tips, news, reviews, and interviews about digital photography, inkjet printing, Photoshop, other imaging topics and new media. The episodes give tons of photography tips for shooting in various forms with various subjects. There is also loads of other help on the main site.

26. Studio Photography Podcast : Like the name says, this podcast is devoted to photographers who work in studio. There is also a special episode with Joseph Cartright, a fashion and beauty photographer. You can also view instructional videos and even comics.

27. Red Carpet Fashion Awards : Catherine Kallon is a Londoner who blogs about the fashion of Hollywood. You can search for fashion photography by celebrity, designer, or feature. There is even a section where you can see what is in her closet. A must visit for after each awards show or party.

28. The Hamishsphere : Hamish Bowles is the European Editor at Large for “Vogue” and recognized as one of the most respected authorities on the worlds of fashion. Get a front row look into the world of global fashion by checking out his blog. He recently graced multiple couture shows for Spring 2010 and tells you all about them.

29. Slaves to Fashion : Get a daily style blog from “Glamour” magazine by clicking here. Popular categories include tips, fashion week, and wardrobe essentials. An excellent choice if you need help sprucing up your own wardrobe.

30. The Cut : Stop here to get the fashion blog for “New York Magazine.” Popular topics include designers, fashion shows, and shopping. There is even a model tracker and other tools.

31. Go Fug Yourself : If you think fugly is the new pretty, stop by this fashion blog. Two bloggers comment mostly about the worst in fashion in a humorous way. You can view by most recent or on every celebrity from Alanis Morisette to Whitney Port.

32. Omiru : Get a fashion blog for real people by stopping here. Featured articles include “How to Keep Clothes Looking New” and “How to Mix and Match Patterns.” You can also get help with shopping by person, occasion, or price.

33. Frugal Fashionista : Get yet another fashion blog for those who can’t spend four figures on an item of clothing here. The blog also stands out if you want to know more or emulate the styles of notable figures such as Gwyneth Paltrow or Lauren Conrad.

34. Fashion Style You : Not just a fashion blog, you can also get posts on health and beauty. You can search for entries on fashion for women, men, and even children. Popular articles are on Fenchurch, Topman, and Oasis.

35. Richard Warren : Born in Houston, Richard is now an internationally published fashion photographer based in New York. His photography has appeared in over fifty fashion magazines, and he has worked with fashion models including Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Brooke Shields, and more. Check out his personal work, or visit the flash site with more.

36. Steven Meisel : Since the 1980’s he has been in fashion photography. As the primary photographer for American and Italian “Vogue,” Steven Meisel’s continued interpretations lead and influence understanding of contemporary fashion. You can view his work, or even get more information on other fashion photographers.

37. Paolo Boccardi : He is a fashion photographer based in Milan who also dabbles in graphic design. Highlights include photos of both fashion and fashion week. You can also get images in fine art and travel.

38. Mark Velasquez : Mark received his BFA from Cornish College in Seattle in 2000. Since then he has been through Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, and more than enough of the continental United States. His impressive portfolio contains portraits, the truly eccentric, and of course, fashion models.

39. Polina Osherov : Based in Indiana, she shoots musicians, authors, artists, and everyone in between. However, her passion is for fashion photography and can be seen in her portfolio. There is also a blog with more.

40. Annie Leibovitz : She made headlines for a nude picture of a pregnant Demi Moore and various other celebrities. Although not her official site, PBS has much more of her work and life. You can also visit the photo gallery for pictures of everyone from John Lennon to Nicole Kidman.

41. Photo Training 4U : Why should fashion photographers click here? Because they have loads of tutorials for photographers, including those interested in fashion. Latest entries include confetti & lace, as well as a boudoir slide show.

42. T Magazine Blog : Several columnists from “The New York Times,” weigh in on fashion, design, and more. You can also choose from categories such as food and culture. A recent entry was on an up and coming photographer.

43. Manolo’s Shoe Blog : Self explanatory, this blogger takes on all aspects of shoes from Jimmy Choo to Gucci and many more. There are quizzes on “whose shoes” and even items of interest for bargain hunters. There are also tips for the home, brides, and a gallery of horrors.

44. Clayton Bozard Photography : If your photography interests extend into and beyond fashion, take a look at this blog. Clayton’s portfolio consists of musicians, models, and countless others. His blog often talks about his latest shoot and what went on.

45. All Day I Dream About Photography : Get everything from the basics to advanced practices on this photography website. The blog goes beyond articles to give you tutorials, projects, DIY, and much more. A recent lead article was how to make the most out of Flickr by using Firefox.

46. Camera Dojo : Similar to the above, Kerry Garrison helps give you a blackbelt in photography. Tools, deals, and much more are featured on the blog. Be sure not to miss the podcast with much more.

47. Digital Photography Review : If you are a fashion photographer in need of some new tools, stop by this blog and site. It reviews the latest and greatest in digital photography. There are also forums, a buyer’s guide, and even challenges to enter.

48. KEH : Now that you know what you want to buy, stop by this photography site. In addition to shopping for gear online, you can also sell your used equipment here. There is also a repair center and community with more.

49. Nikonians : A leading seller of cameras, every fashion photographer knows what Nikon is and probably has more than one of their devices in their bag. If this is true of you, join this unofficial community to read the latest on the brand. Top articles on the blog are previews, reviews, and about equipment.

50. Photo Lovecat : Finally, if you are a fashion photographer looking to build your own business, stop by this blog. Founded in January 2007 by Anne Ruthmann, Photo Lovecat has grown to feature well known guest authors as well as a dedicated team of regular editors who regularly volunteer their time, talent, expertise, and information with no pay or compensation received for their contributions. Popular categories include marketing and management.

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